Benefits of Fresh Juice

Benefits of Fresh Juice

Lots of people are jumping on the fresh juice bandwagon these days, and with good reason. The benefits of freshly made vegetable and fruit juices are hard to argue.  Plant-based diets have been linked to lower rates of some diseases, and freshly made juices are a great way to add more fruits and veggies to your diet and try new things that you might not otherwise like the taste of. (We’re looking at you, kale.) Here are some more positive impacts of juicing:

Boost your nutrition:

Freshly made juice is packed with vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, essential enzymes and much more, depending on the combination you choose. Add a protein to the mix and you’ve got a powerful way to start your day or recover after a workout.

Keep clean:

We’re not talking about cleanses, although those do work well for plenty of people, we know. Adding fresh, organic juice to your diet can benefit your liver and kidneys, two of the main detoxifying organs in your body. Drinking fresh juice helps give your liver a rest, and the additional hydration is great for your kidneys.

Lose weight:

Replacing one meal with a protein-powered juice can be a great way to aid in a weight loss regimen, by helping your body learn to feel satisfied with less food. We’ve also had people tell us that when they start their day with freshly made juice, they find themselves making healthier food choices throughout the rest of their day. It’s the whole “one good thing leads to another” phenomenon.

Increase your energy:

A nutrient dense, freshly made juice can be like an adrenaline shot – in a good way. You may even find that you can swap that morning coffee for a far more nutritious energy booster – green juice! Fresh juice has also been linked to improved sex drive. We’re just sayin’.

Look better:

Glowing skin. Healthier hair and nails. Bright eyes. Sound good? Juicing can help them be yours. We’ve even had people tell us that their breath is better since incorporating fresh juice into their diet. To quote the Barefoot Contessa, “How bad can that be?”

Ready to give fresh juice a try? Stop by and see us! Already a devoted juicer? What do you think are some of the best combinations? Speak up in the comments – you may see your favorite become a Featured Flavor sometime soon!

If you are taking prescription medication, check with your doctor to rule out any problematic interactions between certain juices and your medication.