All Things Vitamin C with Doug Sr.

Take a listen as Doug Sr. discusses the importance of vitamin C and highlights some things you may not know about this all-important nutrient.

What’s in Your Deodorant?

What’s in your deodorant? Do you know?

Take a listen as Doug Sr. discusses some of the potential dangers lurking in conventional deodorants and why Life Stinks’ 100% clean, three-ingredient, all-natural deodorant is exactly what we’ve been waiting for!

“Xplosive” Circuit

The Fine Print:
-10 Exercises
-30sec ON
-10sec REST

Complete 4 Rounds 👊

Circuit Work with Doug Jr

If you can’t make it into the studio, here’s a quick workout that can be done in most box gyms today and might  come in handy next time you’re out of town for work or vacation.

Benefits of HIIT/Burst Training


  • Boosts Metabolism: High intensity interval training has been shown to boost metabolism for up to 48 hours! Studies show that HIIT increases your metabolism after exercise more so than running and/or traditional weight training.
  • After-Burn: When performing HIIT, you breach a metabolic threshold that requires more oxygen during recovery. This means you continue to burn calories (and fat) long after you’ve finished working out.
  • Hormonal Balance: HIIT can help balance hormones responsible for weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. These include ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”), leptin (the hormone that lets us know that we’re full), and testosterone.
  • Shed Fat: HIIT can result in fat loss but, notably, visceral fat (belly fat), or the disease-promoting fat surrounding your internal organs.
  • Add/Maintain Lean Muscle: HIIT can help you build lean muscle, while losing fat, and improve body composition (think: toning, sculpting, etc.).
  • Improve VO2 Max: VO2 Max is a measure of cardiovascular fitness and can be used to gauge an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise.
  • Convenient: HIIT workouts can be done anytime, anywhere—in as little as 10-20 minutes!


What is homocysteine? Can it really potentially predict your risk of a catastrophic cardiovascular heath event? Take a listen as Doug Sr. discusses this important inflammatory marker and what it means to your overall heath.

Todays Circuit

The Fine Print:

-10 Exercises
-1:05 ON
-0:10 OFF

Complete Two Rounds!

Bosu Bodyweight Circuit

Give this quick bodyweight, Bosu circuit a try!

It’s a fun one!

The Fine Print:
-8 Exercises
-40sec ON
-10sec OFF

Complete 4 Rounds
Rest 1min Between Rounds

Annnnnnnnnd GO!

The Real Reason Behind Erectile Dysfunction

How do you silence a man in just two words?  Mention erectile dysfunction.

Take a listen as Doug Sr discusses erectile dysfunction, what really causes it, and why you shouldn’t attribute it entirely to the “natural” aging process.

Vitamin D and Why It’s So Important

Take a listen as Doug Sr. discusses Vitamin D and why it’s so crucial to optimal health!