24-Minute AMRAP Workout

Test your mettle with this 24-minute, 4-part, bodyweight AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) workout that’ll have you burning calories, and fat, ALL DAY LONG! THE WORKOUT

4x 6 minute rounds
Complete as many reps as you can during each round.
1 minute rest between rounds.

Round 1
-6 Burpees
-12 Push-Ups
-24 Kick-Sits

Round 2
-6 Box Jumps
-12 Push-Offs (w/ clap)
-24 (12x each leg) RFE Lunge Hops (w/ clap)

Round 3
-6 V-Ups
-12 Straight-Leg Sit-Ups
-24 Straight-Leg Crunches

Round 4
-6 Tuck Jumps
-12 (each leg) Over the Gate Back Lunges
-24 Lateral Squat Hops

NYE 2018 Bodyweight 2k(18) Rep Workout

Finish off 2018 with this 2018 rep, full-body, bodyweight workout! See below for details:

The Workout
1. Push-Ups
2. Shoulder Taps
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Alt. Plank Knee Tuck/Leg Raise (10 each leg)
5. Plank Walk-Ups (palms to elbows)
6. Squat Hops
7. Split-Squats
8. Lateral Skaters
9. 90 Degree Squat Hops (10 each side)
10. High Knee Sprints

-Complete 20 reps of each exercise.
-Complete 10 Total Rounds.
-Finish with 18 burpees after you’ve completed five rounds.

5-Exercise, Full-Body, Fat-Melting Circuit

Sometimes less is more. This is NOT one of those times 🤣

The Workout:
1. 1/4 Mile Run
2. 30 Push-Ups
3. 15 Pull-Ups
4. 12 DB Curls
5. 50 Split Squats

I was shooting for 10 rounds but, after eight, my body had other plans 😅

Give this one a go and let me know how you do!

Plyo Box Circuit

Spice up your exercise routine with this 4-exercise, 25-minute circuit that requires nothing but YOU and a plyo box or step bench.

1. 10, Front/Back Box Jumps to Tuck Jumps
2. 10, Plyo Push-Ups
3. 10 (each leg), Decline Plank (Knee Tuck, Leg Raise, Toe Tap)
4. 10 (five each direction), 360 Plank Crawls

Push yourself and complete as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes!

25-Minute Christmas Circuit

Make the most of your Christmas morning with this quick, 25-minute circuit you can do right at home that requires nothing but YOU and some serious hustle!

1. 10 Push-Ups to 10 Supermans
2. 20 Shoulder Taps to 20 Plank Toe Taps
3. 30 Straight-Leg Crunches to 30 Suitcases
4. 40 Mountain Climbers to 40 Plank Pendulum Swings

Complete as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2018 1k Circuit

Use this 5-exercise, full-body, 1k rep circuit to make the most wonderful time your healthiest time of the year too!

The Workout:
10 Plyometric Push-Ups (clap optional)
20 Burpees
30 Split Squats
40 Squat Hops
150 High Knee Sprints

Complete four rounds as fast as you can!

HQ Circuit of the Day

Give this 10 exercise, full-body circuit a try to take your exercise routine to another level!

10 Exercises
30sec ON
10sec OFF

Complete Four Rounds of Each Exercise

Tabata Workout

Check out this quick, modified Tabata workout with Doug Jr. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts! Fine print below 👌

9 Exercises
:20 ON
:10 OFF

-Complete Six Rounds of Each.
-20sec Rest Between Stations
-Total Duration: 30 Minutes

1. Burpee Broad Jump
2. DB Curls
3. DB Kickbacks
4. Punches
5. Single-Arm Ropes w/ Static Deep Lunge Hold
6. Push-Ups (narrow, standard, wide)
7. Slingshot Side Step Walk (NO REST)
8. Resistance Band Knees-to-Feet/Box Jump (NO REST)
9. Dead Tread(mill) Sprint

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) Workout

Use this EMOM workout to set the tone for the rest of your week and keep that metabolism burning all day long! See below for details:

1.30 Split Squats, 10 Box Jumps
Perform these every minute, on the minute for six consecutive minutes.

1 Min Rest

2. 15 DB Curls, 20 Push-Ups
Perform these every minute on the minute for six minutes.

1 Min Rest

3. 8 Banded Burpees, 50 Banded High Knees
Perform these every minute on the minute for six consecutive minutes.

1 Min Rest

4. 10 Single-Arm Suspended Rows, 10 Single-Arm Max Vert Squat Hops
Perform these every minute on the minute for six consecutive minutes.

Total Duration: 28 Minutes

4 Step-Bench Push-Up Exercises

Give these four, killer, step-bench push-up exercises a try to really hit that upper body!