Circuit Schedule


  • KB Swing Hops
  • Push-Up Plank Rollout w/ a Lateral Raise
  • Back Lunge Spear Throw
  • Sandbell Around the World w/ Exchange
  • Side Lunge w/ DB T
  • Forward/Backward MB Bound
  • Bosu Burpee w/ Overhead Press
  • RB Chop
  • Run


  • Bike
  • Walking Squat to DB Curl (fwd/back)
  • Suspended Push-Up w/ MB Balance
  • Pull-Up to Turn and Burst
  • Suspended Bosu Superman
  • Agility Ladder Reverse Icky Shuffle to Crawl
  • Suspended Dips
  • Burpee Slam to Burpee Slam


  • MB Run to Side Shuffle
  • Bear Crawl to Jog
  • Wobble Board Military Press
  • Squat w/ Overhead MB Raise to Calf Raise
  • Burpee to Hops to Burpee
  • Criss Cross MB Squat
  • Lunge Walk (fwd/back)
  • Straight Leg Bear Crawl
  • Run

Thursday (Continuous 20min Course)

  • Run x5
  • Plank Hold (30sec)
  • Split Squats (10)
  • Push-Ups (10)
  • Squat Jumps (10)
  • Leapfrog x2


  • RB Jump Rope
  • MB Leap Frog to MB Push-Ups (5)
  • Walking Lunge w/ MB Twist
  • Unstable Suspension Push-Up
  • Kneeling Suspended Superman
  • Suspension Lateral Squat Jumps
  • Bench Push-Up Shuffle to KB Curl/Punch (3)
  • Run

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