Performance Kits

Swimming Performance Kit


You can train long hours all year round, in and out of the water. Our Swimming Performance Kit is designed to support your training with swimming supplements to boost endurance and delay muscle fatigue during those long sets. Our circuit training workouts will complement your dryland training and our juices will help give you the stamina to rise before dawn and do it all over again.

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Soccer Performance Kit


It’s a complex game – you have to read the field and react quickly. Our Soccer Performance Kit includes what we believe are the best soccer supplements for improved physical and mental performance, and the nutritional needs of high-endurance athletes. Our workouts support your conditioning, and our juices help replenish lost electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to decrease recovery time.
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Crossfit Performance Kits


Our CrossFit Performance Kit is designed to help you get the most out of your workout. It contains some of the best supplements for CrossFit to build lean muscle, improve blood flow and circulation and boost endurance. Our HIIT workouts are an excellent complement to your existing CrossFit regimen, and one of our protein-boosted juices will help aid in your recovery, so you can get back to the next WOD sooner.
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Weight Lifting Performance Kit

Weight Lifting

Increase muscle size and strength. Boost endurance. Recover faster and better. Our Weight Lifting Performance Kit provides some of the best supplements for strength workouts that support your lifting regimen and clean, protein-packed recovery aids to help reduce soreness and recharge your body.
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Toning Performance Kit


Ready to build lean muscle, boost your metabolism and increase your strength and endurance? Our Toning Performance Kit helps you with supplements for toning, and improving your muscle-to-fat ratio and to help your body recover after a workout, and feel fuller longer.
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Sprinting Performance Kit


As a sprinter, you train not just for speed, but for total body strength. Our Sprinter Performance Kit has sprinter supplements to improve your speed and help your body replenish energy faster. Our workouts support optimal physical and mental performance, and our recovery aids help to replenish lost electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to decrease recovery time.
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Long Distance Running Performance Kit

Long Distance Running

Our Long Distance Running Performance Kits can help you as you train for your next (or first!) marathon. We have supplements to help you maintain energy, burn fuel efficiently, promote joint health and improve blood flow. Our targeted workouts can also help you build supporting muscles and possibly avoid injury. Protein-boosted juices support recovery and lean muscle development.
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Cycling Performance Kit


Bring your very best to your next ride. Our Cycling Performance Kit contains supplements to help build lean muscle, boost stamina and delay fatigue. Our training workouts will help to strengthen your core and keep your joints flexible, so you can maintain your cycling strength. Fuel up with a vitamin-filled juice to help boost energy and support your overall health and immunity.
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Basketball Performance Kit


During a game, you’re in constant movement – reacting quickly and anticipating your opponents’ next moves. Our Basketball Performance Kit has some of the best sports supplements for basketball players to build muscle, enhance mobility, and delay fatigue. Our workouts can help support your training in all planes of motion, and enhance your mobility and agility. Our recovery aids will help you re-hydrate and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, so you are ready for your next practice session.
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Football Performance Kit


You arrive on the field ready to work, and you practice and play hard. Our Football Performance Kit contains supplements to enhance performance, fuel muscles and delay fatigue so you can train longer. Our circuit training can help increase strength and agility, and our recovery aids help repair torn muscle fibers and replenish lost electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.
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