Pickle Juice Shots—wait, what?

Pickle Juice – The Natural Hydration Remedy

Back in 2004, I participated in the Elite Soccer Program—a 1-week, invite-only camp that, more or less, served as a combine for the top high school soccer players in the country to strut their stuff. Undoubtedly one of the more grueling weeks of my playing career, we trained three to four times a day. With such limited time between sessions, we were left searching for answers as to how to best preserve our bodies. No matter what we did, nothing seemed to help the tired muscles, exhaustion, dehydration, and cramping we endured from one session to the next—except pickle juice. Yes, you read that right—PICKLE JUICE!

Just a few tablespoons between sessions and gone were the cramps, dehydration, and overwhelming fatigue. Now, I’m not suggesting that we start lugging jars of pickles to every workout—that’s crazy. And, now, thanks to The Pickle Juice Company (PJC), we don’t have to.

PJC has developed a concentrated pickle juice that has been formulated to specifically address muscle cramps and dehydration. Unlike other sports drinks, PJC’s Pickle Juice Shots contain no sugar, chemicals, or additives, and produce no negative side effects, and contain 8 natural ingredients—none of which are sugary syrups. Each shot provides substantial amounts of electrolytes sodium (470mg) and potassium (20mg), and beneficial vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamins C and E, and Zinc. Studies show that there is reason to believe pickle brine helps cure cramps by triggering a nerve reaction—meaning it starts working in the body before leaving the stomach—and might even assist in correcting misfiring muscles that cause cramps.

Because PJC’s Pickle Juice Shots don’t contain sugar, they are beneficial for any type of athlete and come without the negative effects of a typical sports drink. Don’t let dehydration be what slows you down. If you want to put your best foot forward every single time you step foot on the field, court, ice, or mat, you need to put your body in the best position to succeed, and it all starts with hydration!

Yours in health,

Doug Jr.